Who We Are

Gung Hoe Growers Mel and Sass pictured here in their natural organic habitat

Sas Allardice and Mel Willard are the two hoes who make up Gung Hoe Growers. We grow real, dirty, food in Harcourt, Victoria. We build soil, belly laughs, veggie porn and feed our local community through veggie boxes, the Castlemaine weekly farmers’ markets, select local restaurants and cafes and caterers.

We are also one of several small scale farms that lease land and collectively form the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op. We are proud to share our farming journey and work with Sellar Farmhouse Creamery, Tellurian Fruit Gardens and Carr’s Organic Fruit Tree Nursery to create inter-enterprise systems, workplaces and attitudes that benefit, support and celebrate each other…with more in the pipeline

In our journey with Gung Hoe and the Harcourt Organic Farming Co-Operative, we hope to become a working example that may inspire other young farmers.

“The soil is the great connector of lives, the source and destination of all. It is the healer and restorer and resurrector, by which disease passes into health, age into youth, death into life. Without proper care for it we can have no community, because without proper care for it we can have no life.” – Wendell Berry