Change is what we’re looking for.




The whole world needs change

It’s bigger than they think

It doesn’t matter,

Though it seems to.

Nothing changes

Unless we do.

Nothing changes

Until we choose to.


It doesn’t matter

Who wins or loses

You will still bet your horses

You will still drive for miles

You will still live

Under the illusion of comfort.


Change happened

Along time ago

It has been lost

For so long now.


There is no going back

The is no making amends

It is only now

There was only then.


It’s fake

It’s phony

The kindness and smiles

The hope and the attitude

That we will last a while.


It’s fake and it’s phony

That we’re all kind and good

The greater the light shines

The darker the hood.


I’m sick of pretending

That I’m doing just fine

I want to be dark

I don’t want to be blind


I’m sick and I’m tired

Of living in riddles.

You can play games

I can’t play the fiddle.


I’ve had enough

There’s no end

Of the comings and goings

And people still cling

To the illusion of knowing.


How can there be

Any talk of reprimand

Our destiny lies

In the fate of our hand.


I’m sick and I’m tired

Of playing the game

Of backwards and forwards

Of time and its gaze.


It’s all a mess

It’s bigger than that

It’s strange and it’s complex


So why are we talking?

Why do we try?

If life is what’s given

And we’re born to die.


Born to live for sure

But to what scale? What sense?

It’s all talk. There’s no law.

There’s just chaos and nonsense.


Business as usual

Or so it would seem

What dream do they make us

Live to the extreme?


How much do we control

Our decisions and doings

Or else being told

What is best for our pursuings


It’s senseless.

And dark.

Though it’s shattered

And shamed

It’s bigger than it seems

It’s bigger than the game.


I’m sick of the trying

I’m tired of the talk

I want to try and listen

But I’m bored and cut short


My words mean as much

As a bird on a twig

Can break in an instant

Can’t fly, then it’s dead.


My heart is a wrench

That pushes and pulls

That screams, that questions,

That wants and lets go.


My thoughts are a weapon

My words are the grill

I’m big enough to let go

But hold on still.


I know that it’s needed

Though I suffer in shame

For asking, what is left of me?

My person? My name?


You’re taken for granted

N you’re sure to leave it still

I know you’ve been wasted

I’m on top of the hill


The Sun sets its greeting

It’s over and out

The Sky has awakened

My hunger and doubt.


I’m surrounded by commotion

By movement, by needs

By tetris and pettiness

By cumbersome greed.


My time has been broken

I’m wanted and frail

I’m lost and I’m empty

Hope can’t prevail.


Though end is not wanted

There’s beauty in grief

In deep love and empathy

In planting a seed.


We’ll watch it grow

And feed it life

And harvest up the wood

To light a fire

Warm and bright

Beneath the harlequin night


Where empty pockets

Fill our bones

And lips are parched and weak

No stories left.

All gone, no death.

Next to our heaving breathe.


Change is what’s needed

Though I’m not there yet

Change is what’s wanted

Though I’m caught in a debt.


It’s bigger than that

It’s bigger than claimed

You cannot know what lies

Ahead of the game.


Be kind

Be still

Be patient

Be bold

Be a weapon

Be a person

Be a plant and take hold.


It’s all lost for now

Though we’ve still got life yet

And responsibility

For all that is left.


To revive?


To survive?


To ignite?

I suppose.

To divide and decide.


Make change.

For change is what we’re looking for.


-Ruby Everett

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