Gung Hoe Growers supplies local restaurantsWe get excited about chefs and cooks who are turned on by tasty, real, sometimes quirky, seasonal, organic produce. We endeavour to provide a consistent supply of produce, though the challenges of seasonal extremes don’t always allow this. We are happy to talk with you about what kind of produce you want us to grow, being aware that it generally takes a minimum of 3 months for us to sow, transplant, grow and then harvest a crop.

When we supply restaurants/cafes/caterers we ask that they put our name to the Gung Hoe produce that they use. We also ask that if they run out of our produce, (salad for example) they will change menus so that our name doesn’t get associated with the shitty conventional stuff you can normally buy.  We hope you can understand this… we don’t want to be associated with limp, brown and tasteless produce, as that is not what we grow.  We want to make sure that people know when they are eating the real stuff (ours).

The way it works is we send out a weekly order list towards the end of the week and we need your orders in by Tuesday am as we pick, pack and deliver within 1-2 days, so you get it fresh as!  This is important in summer especially!

Sometimes rain means we can’t pick edible flowers and sometimes things get sold out and sometimes its too hot and plants die and sometimes there’s snow…working with us means you will get to know the seasons well and appreciate field grown produce.

We provide reusable containers and work with our customers to rotate them…we expect them to be returned in a clean and usable condition so we can keep them in rotation each week.

Our prices change throughout the season depending on the quantity of produce and what the season produces…any change in price is on the weekly orders list.

We appreciate any social media connections and promotion and in return we do the same.  We get excited about sourcing more and more local businesses, hurray for building a closer and more resilient local food system.

We generally come in for a quick chat or welcome you to the farm also, so it’s a human interaction not just a money transfer when we first start working with someone new.

If this sounds like you – we look forward to hearing from you!