Seeking Funding- Internship Program

Help! We’re looking for funding for our wonderful ‘Intern to Be’ Ruby Everette! We are hoping to start her on a 6 month internship program, developed(ing) by us in August. All going well it might be something we can offer annually to aspiring growers. If anyone knows of potential grants or funding bodies, please email us:

Volunteers planting salad

Growing the growers has always been a part of our long term vision. We alone can only feed such a small amount of people in our community and there is space for many more passionate souls doing what we do. Helping to train and inspire the next generation of thoughtful, small scale growers is a responsibility, a challenge and an honour that we completely accept and hold. We have been and continue to be blessed with mentorship, learning and guidance from many wonderful people on our journey and we hope to pass that on down the line.

Ruby Portrait

There currently are very few internship or hands on learning opportunities for aspiring small scale market gardeners in Australia. Especially ones that actually provide the intern with any kind of income so they can survive whilst in training. This exactly the sort of program that we need to be encouraging to ensure the future sustainability of the small scale, diverse and ecologically wise food growing system.

So, if you are hooked into the world of grants and funding and have any ideas or leads for us, or if you have any great ideas about how we could fund our first 6 month intern program. Please get in touch by email:

Lets grow the growers!

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