Staying Sane (kinda)

Sometimes everything just gets too bloody serious and you have to start a totally silly and ridiculous art project to stop yourself falling into the abyss. Our lovely weeding fairy Deb suggested a farm fashion project to us. A little reluctant at first, we are now fully embracing the daily practise of taking a photo in exactly the same spot, at smoko, with whoever is working with us (or happens to be unwittingly passing by at the wrong moment). Show casing the subtle (or non existent) changes in our daily farm wear, both practical and fashionable (ha ha).

We hope over the weeks and months it will show the changes in season, the changes in our daily mind frame, all the wonderfull people who help at the farm and be some kind of a diary of our days. When all these crazy times are over and we can gather in groups again, we would like to have a little exhibition in and on our packing container (featuring in the photos) to celebrate!

I (Sas) have also started a similar photographic project to help me remember to pause every morning and take a breath before the rollercoaster of the day begins. I’ve been taking a photo of Leanganook, the beautiful mountain that has our back in all this, at the same time every day. Every day, subtle and not so subtle changes that never cease to take my breath away. Moments of tranquility and reverence amidst these crazy times.

Other than our art projects, we are still finding time to farm! Yes we chronically have not enough hours in the day to get all things done that we need to in order to get our winter crops in the ground. The autumn window of opportunity is slamming shut and we are madly trying to simultaneously harvest the last of the summer crops, rip them out, prepare beds and plant them out with all the autumn goodies; broad beans, peas, brassicas, winter greens, garlic and all the other allium, allium, alliums! Back to it,

Grow well…
Sas and Mel

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