Garlic~ Its that time again!

We’ve got our seventh crop of garlic safely out of the ground before the next big rain (PHEW!!)  It was touch and go this year as to how the crop was going to be. The wet and cooler than usual weather has been great for some crops, but garlic really needs a good, solid dry period of a couple of weeks both before you harvest it and whilst it cures out of the ground. Humidity and moisture are not friends to garlic.


The ground was sodden but the sun was shining as we harvested, so the garlic got a few good hours to dry in the sun before getting hung up to dry in the shed. Thanks to a few warm and dry days since harvest, we’re confident the crop will cure nicely.

After seven years of re-planting the biggest and best garlic from our previous years crop, this years harvest is the best yet. We’ll be bunching them next week into small (15 head) and large (30 head) plaits ready for sale, but we’ve opened up ourOFN shop for pre-orders now.

You can pick up from Farm Shop (Fridays) or the Weekly Farmers Market in Castlemaine, Wednesdays (1-4pm). Sorry no postal orders this year, the postage costs more than the garlic!!

We also still have some Gung Hoe patches, hessian spud sacks and Tea Towels (organic hemp) available on our shop if you’re looking for an ethical gift. These we can post for an additional cost.

Grow well,
Sas and Mel