Veggies are Joyful- A volunteers perspective

Abigail smiling with a cuppaThis month we’ve asked one of our long time dedicated volunteers, Abigail to
share some words from her perspecitve about how volunteering with Gung Hoe is for her. Almost every week, Abigail (along with other long time collie Cohen) ride their bikes the 45min trip from Castlemaine to the farm to work with us on whatever needs doing that day. They are both such inspiring young people who live in such heart felt, generous and inspiring ways. They truly give us hope for a brighter future. Here is what Abigail has to say….

sunrise through the treesSpending a morning most weeks volunteering at Gung Hoe Growers has perhaps been the best part of my life this year.  Riding my bike from Castlemaine out to the farm in Harcourt, and working out there, has been a chance to revel in the place I love – even when riding along the highway, and even on bitterly cold mornings when snow gloves don’t feel like quite enough.  Fog sitting in the valleys and blanketing Leanganook, then lifting and revealing glorious sunshine just as I arrive at the farm…

Going out to Gung Hoe has also reconnected me, week after week, with how useful and good my body is.  Physical work that yields food! The ride and the work out at the patch every week feel like uncomplicated, meaningful and purposeful ways to move myself and fully inhabit my body.

And I experience real joy every time I come out to Gung Hoe.  The presence of Sas and Mel and all the other generous spirited people at the co-op is so joyful, getting my hands dirty is joyful, the delicious veggies are joyful.  And every ride home from the farm – all downhill! – feels energetic and exultant.  I feel very grateful for every morning I have spent there, which have carried me through each week, and this year.

Abigail working hard

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